The Benefits of Feng Shui in Your Office


With the growth of commercial businesses in Christchurch, New Zealand, there has been a high demand to come up with more offices where businesses ought to be transacted. This means that concrete ways and ideas need to be put into action when coming up with these offices, including settling for a good but unique office design. Every office has its own office design that is designed to purposely serve its core business function. It is thus important to settle for an effective office size and layout that can actually accommodate all your employees and business needs. 

This is where Oliver and Smith Industries Ltd comes in. The New Zealand-based company takes you through the entire designing process starting from the initial office layout to the final stage. The company has been in the office manufacturing industry for over 35 years, offering a wide range of furniture you can choose for your office thus creating the perfect solution for maximum office productivity.

As noted earlier, the design of your office set up largely reflect your business culture and mission. You need to customize your office layout to complement your targeted atmosphere. Let’s look at open office plan with low panel heights as an example. This type of office layout creates an environment that emphasizes on visibility, collaboration, openness and communication as well. An office plan with higher panel heights tend to provide employees with higher degree of privacy. Many offices thus combine both forms of spaces with reference to the type of job being undertaken.


Creating a Conducive Office Space

Space planning is an important element when designing an office. There are various factors that need to be considered. This includes;

  • Accessibility
  • Physical restrictions
  • Lighting
  • Sound pollution
It is hence importance to arrange your home office furniture efficiently to create space. This can be easily done through following of the following simple steps;


Keeping the Entryway Clear

The number one rule to this is step is that try as much as you can to have few furniture pieces as possible. Avoiding placing heavy objects such as desks away from the entry. This is to create the office more spacious. It also helps in giving you a clear view when you first walk into the office. Few things around the entryway will facilitate easy flow of traffic.

Creating Visual Balance

Distribute an effective visual weight throughout the entire office room to enable space balancing. In more simple terms, don’t put all the casegoods in one corner and leaving the other corner open. To achieve an effective visual balance, you can spark up home office décor. This can be done through hanging of some arts on the wall.

Use Your Wall Space Efficiently

This aspect may prove to be a little tough, especially if you’re working with a relatively smaller space. Try as much as possible to avoid pushing all your office furniture against the wall. To make efficient use of your office space, place your office in the middle of the office room. This will make the room look larger.

Sharing of Office Resources

This will depend on the size of your office space. If you have a larger office space, equipment should then be placed in a strategic place where various employees can access them. This includes faxes and printers.

Adequate Lighting

Another important element of spacing is the office lighting. Adequate lighting helps in keeping the workers active and upbeat whereas dismal and dingy lighting creates a lethargy feeling. Install lighting to each office desk if required.

A good way to do this is through installation of mini blinds. This will enable each worker to adjust the amount of light suitable for each worker. The lighting aspect is always overlooked in many offices but you need to understand that office lighting can be used to create an effective atmosphere. A 5 rating is recommended.


Buying Strong and Sound Furniture

As already mentioned, settle for a quality and sound office furniture which can be easily purchased in Oliver and Smith Industries Ltd. Ergonomic office chair is mostly recommended. However, before buying  office chairs in NZ, you need to try it out. Make sure that the furniture are comfortable enough, offers the much need support with adequate legging and storage space.

When purchasing office furniture, go for real wood desks. This may tend to be a little expensive compared to lighter particleboard but be assured real wood desks will last longer. If your budget is too tight to accommodate new real wood office desks, settle for second hand ones which can be easily bought in estate sales and auctions.


Designing Office Space

You could be venturing into a business has few workers or maybe just you. Running a business at home could mean that you are not paying much attention to the office space. You may see this as a cheap and a good option. However, you need to bear in mind that the way your office space is designed is highly related to inspiration and work productivity.

This means that apart from designing an office space with an objective of looking good to the customer, it also affects the overall productivity. When starting a business, you always feel that there are other important issues that need to be addressed. This includes advertising and marketing expenses. However, there are ways that one may settle on to design a work space under tight financial budget.

Having proper workplace fitted with adequate office equipment enables one to have a good working environment. I therefore urge any business owner with an office to always put this into consideration. You will definitely not the same feeling as someone who is operating his/her office work from the bedroom. A good office environment helps you to achieve the professional tone around you.

Another important element about having a proper office layout is that you have everything that you need around you. This is convenient thus helps in increasing productivity. Other things to bear in mind when designing an office include furnishes, decoration and painting. They really help in reflecting the business image. This is definitely worth your money.